Ruddington Village Plan

What is a village plan?

A village plan outlines the community’s collective vision for how the village should develop over the next five to ten years. Village plans are developed by residents, working with local authorities, businesses, and service providers. The resulting plan document includes a series of action points which aim to enhance life for everyone who lives in, works in, or visits the village.

Why did Ruddington want a village plan?

Ruddington has always been an active community. Creating a village plan allows us to make further improvements, proactively.

Village plans are aspirational; although they do not hold legal weight, they can be used to develop a neighbourhood plan. Neighbourhood planning, introduced in the Localism Act, gives communities direct power to make choices about the development and use of land.

The process

The Village Plan Steering Group, made up of residents and Parish Councillors, has been working on the Village Plan since 2013. The Village Plan Survey, a detailed questionnaire delivered to all village households and businesses in 2015, received over five hundred responses in total. In 2016, consultations were held, discussing all aspects of Ruddington life.

The Steering Group then developed the Village Plan document, which contains forty-seven recommendations which were supported by the consultation, or felt to be innovative and life enhancing.

Now the implementation of these recommendations will be overseen by the Steering Group. Residents can volunteer to help make these positive changes happen, while some action points require the assistance of external authorities.