10. Parish Council

Your Vision

Enable residents to know more about the Parish Council’s role and activities and Parish Councillors to have a better understanding of how they could work more closely with the community.

felt the Parish Council did not communicate adequately with residents
said they know what the Parish Council does
did not know how the
Parish Council spends its resources
10.1 The Parish Council to improve the ways it communicates with residents in order to raise awareness of its conduct at meetings, decision making processes, activities and how it spends residents' money
- Update website information regularly
- Permit members of the public to ask questions about agenda items during the public adjournment of all meetings of the Parish Council, its committees and sub-committees
- Reinstate the attendance of Parish Councillors at the monthly surgeries
- Publish expenditure in a simple format to improve transparency and therefore accountability
Priority Urgent Timescale 12 months
Lead Body RPC Support RBC

Access to Information

It was observed from the responses to our survey that many people did not feel informed about the range of existing services, events and facilities that are available in Ruddington and the locality. Rather than addressing this in a series of action points, we will ensure that information is available in a format appropriate to people’s requirements.

Where do the percentage figures come from?

Where percentages have been quoted to support a particular course of action, these figures are based on responses to the Village Plan survey which was carried out in 2015.
We received over five hundred responses in total; we have not quoted any percentages where we received fewer than twenty responses to that particular question.