2. Transport and Highways

Your Vision

The ability to use a range of transport and to move safely and easily around, into and out of Ruddington, with all methods of transport given equal weight and consideration.

thought there weren't adequate safe crossing points in the village
would support the introduction of a scheme to reduce the number of HGVs cutting through the village
thought cycling on the pavement was a problem for pedestrians
2.1 A comprehensive review of the transport system in Ruddington to be undertaken, as well as an analysis of the feasibility of implementing suggestions raised by residents in the survey. The review is to include, but not be limited to:
- A residents' parking scheme
- Reviewing and improving signage
- A scheme to reduce the number of HGVs going through the village
- A one-way system through the village centre
- Double yellow lines outside Sainsbury on Dutton's Hill
- Crossing points and pedestrian areas
- Creation of a disabled parking space adjacent to the bus stop near the War Memorial
Priority High Timescale 3 months
Lead Body NCC Highways Support  
of residents were in favour of a train service to Loughborough
of residents were in favour of a train service to Leicestershire
2.2 Pass data to the Great Central Railway Nottingham Heritage Centre about the support for commuter trains when they consider a new line extension
Priority Medium Timescale Immediate
Lead Body VPSG Support  
2.3 Encourage the installation of secure bike lockers at tram stops and contact Rushcliffe Borough Council about the logistics of setting up a community bicycle scheme
Priority Low Timescale Immediate
Lead Body RBC, NET Support VPSG, RPC