8. Sport and Leisure

Your Vision

The provision of sports and recreational facilities in Ruddington which encourage social welfare and which offer residents of all ages and abilities, including children and young people, the opportunity to maintain better health.

thought sporting facilities in the village were currently adequate
would be willing to pay £20 extra tax a year for a full sized multi-use games area
8.1 Refer results of residents' suggestions regarding sporting facilities to the Parish Council. Suggested areas for improvement include the provision of:
- A sports hall that can also be used for recreational and social activities
- A full sized outdoor all-purpose multi-use sports area
- An outdoor gym
- A broader range of sporting facilities to meet the needs of all residents
Priority High Timescale 5+ year
Lead Body RPC Support VPSG, British Sport, FA, ICB, Individual sports clubs
would like to see regular fairs, craft markets and other similar events in the village
8.2 Develop a regular programme of fairs, markets and similar events to be supported by the Parish Council
Priority Low Timescale 12 months
Lead Body RPC, ESC Support  
would like to see more adult learning opportunities in the evening
8.3 Organise adult education 'taster sessions' to determine which types of classes are most popular and would be likely to be sustainable
Priority Medium Timescale 12 months
Lead Body VPSG Support U3A, RCAN
said they valued the library and 53% said they would use the library more if it was used for a wider range of social events
8.4 Widen the range of books and activities available at the library and extend these activities into evenings and weekends
Priority Low Timescale 6 months
Lead Body Aspire Support VPSG
wanted the Green used for community events
8.5 Diversify the type of events held on the Green to include:
- Dance performances
- Events for voluntary organisations
Priority Medium Timescale Dance - 18 months
Events - 6 months
Lead Body RPC, ESC Support  
8.6 Provide additional facilities or features at locations still to be determined:
- Petanque piste
- A sensory garden
- A permanent feature where sculptures, art works etc., by local artists are displayed in rotation
Priority Petanque piste and Sensory garden - Medium
Sculpture - Low
Timescale 3 years
Lead Body VPSG Support RPC