9. Families with Children

Your Vision

There are leisure and educational opportunities in Ruddington for children and young people in addition to facilities and activities provided by the schools.

said the existing out of school provisions met their needs
said current leisure opportunities for children were adequate
9.1 Provide goalposts on Elms Park Playing Fields so that children may play informal games of football
Priority High Timescale 6 months
Lead Body RPC Support  
would attend information events in the village about senior schools
9.2 Encourage senior schools serving the village to hold parents’ evenings and similar events in Ruddington, beginning with Rushcliffe School
Priority Low Timescale 18 months
Lead Body Rushcliffe School Support VPSG
would be happy for their children to cycle to school if a suitable cycle path was provided
9.3 Investigate the viability of providing safe cycling routes to secondary schools
Priority Low Timescale 18 months
Lead Body NCC Highways, Rushcliffe School Support VPSG
supported the setting up of a Youth Council
wanted to see more facilities for teenagers
9.4 Set up a Youth Parish Council for junior school aged children with the support of St Peter's School and the Parish Council
Provide space for information about the Youth Parish Council in the newsletters, on the Parish Council website and have a dedicated notice board
Priority High Timescale 18 months
Lead Body RPC, St Peter's School Support NCC Youth Services