Introduction to Ruddington Village Plan

For the past three years, the Village Plan Steering Group, comprised of Ruddington residents and Parish Councillors, has met regularly to sift through and pull together the community’s opinions and aspirations following the 2015 questionnaire and consultations held in 2016.

The members of the Village Plan Steering Group have worked hard to make sure that all your comments have been fairly represented and the Village Plan is the culmination of their discussions.

Ruddington has always been an active community. Just look around you and you’ll find evidence in buildings, monuments and in various village archives, of ways in which past residents aimed to improve lives or took part in national events.

However, that doesn’t mean that we should be complacent and merely accept the achievements of previous generations. As circumstances and technology change, there is always room for further improvements to meet current needs.

This document has only come about because you took the time to complete questionnaires, thought about what you wanted for the good of Ruddington residents, and attended consultation meetings. Although outside organisations have been consulted, the views expressed in the Village Plan are yours.

There are 47 recommendations in the plan which were selected either because they gained the most support during the consultation exercises or were felt to be innovative and life enhancing. Some can only be implemented by external authorities, but there are many that we can work on together.

It has been a privilege to work with the other members of the Steering Group to develop the plan, but now it’s over to you. This is your Village Plan. It’s up to all of us, young and old, long term or new residents to make things happen.

Gavin Walker, Chairman
Village Plan Steering Group

19th August 2017