What Happens Next

The Village Plan Steering Group will now begin to oversee the implementation of the recommendations in the Village Plan.

The Steering Group does not have the powers to implement many of the actions without external permissions or support.

However, the Steering Group will ensure that all the lead and support bodies identified in the Village Plan are made aware of the contents of the Village Plan and will work with them to turn recommendations into sustainable actions.

Getting Involved

There are a number of action points where everyone could get involved. These include:

Email for further information about how you could enjoy taking part in one or more of these activities.

How will the Plan be Monitored?

A Village Plan Steering Group will continue to meet at least quarterly for the next two years and publish an annual update so that all Ruddington residents are aware of the progress that has been made. In years three to five, the Steering Group will meet regularly to continue monitoring and reporting on the implementation of the recommendations and adjust the Plan, if appropriate, to comply with legislative changes.